Never miss out on news from friends and family again. Keep in touch with loved ones in more than 200 countries worldwide.

India Calling offers crystal-clear, affordable international calls to India and the wider world. It`s easy to access our global calling service right from your home, mobile, or computer. Our 24/7 customer support means you`ll always have great service no matter where you`re calling to or from. Our competitive, low rates can open up a world of contacts. It`s our mission to get you connected while you save on all international calls including mobile to mobile and home-line calling.

Your portal to the international-calling world is our easy-to-use website, From here, you can access your online account to track usage and see payments.

And if you`re not satisfied at any time, get your money back with our satisfaction guaranteed policy.

India Calling at a Glance
What makes our service so special? We`re dedicated to making international calling easier than it`s ever been before. It`s like an international telephone card service with no hoops to jump through and additional perks such as:

  • Affordable calling rates to India and hundreds of other countries
  • Quick dialing eliminates the need for a pin number or lengthy wait times
  • Fast connections to your contact
  • Clear statements of how much you`ve paid for each call, accessed via your online account
  • We won`t surprise you with hidden charges or monthly fees
  • Access your international calling account from more than 20 countries
  • Our money-back guarantee makes trying India Calling risk-free
There`s no better time to start calling the world. Try today and see the difference.

India India $0.010
Australia Australia $0.013
Canada Canada $0.005
Fiji Islands Fiji Islands $0.150
Guyana Guyana $0.160
Kuwait Kuwait $0.070
Malaysia Malaysia $0.010
Mauritius Mauritius $0.050
Myanmar/Burma Myanmar/Burma $0.200
Netherlands Netherlands $0.007
Oman Oman $0.090
Reunion Island Reunion Island $0.017
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia $0.065
Singapore Singapore $0.007
South Africa South Africa $0.015
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka $0.090
Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago $0.130
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates $0.125
United Kingdom United Kingdom $0.005
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