India Calling connects you with the wider world so you’ll never again miss out on conversations with family or friends. Our top-notch benefits make calling easy and affordable. Plus our money-back guarantee means risk-free calling is at your fingertips.

What makes India Calling the right choice for you?

Global calling and texting
International long-distance calling can be an expensive, difficult ordeal. It’s time to replace all that with our hassle-free calling service that can save you up to 95 percent on global calls. Contact friends, family, and businesses around the world from wherever you are – that includes home, work, mobile, or traveling abroad. Call Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and the Middle East with crystal-clear sound and great connection quality – all without changing your local phone provider. The world is truly a call away.

International SMS texting is a breeze when you log in to your India Calling online account. You can text right from your computer.

Test it out
In addition to our money-back guarantee, we invite you to test our India Calling for free today. We require no credit card information for this free trial and there are no set-up fees. It’s a free trial that’s really free. We offer this service to show users how easy it is to send online texts and make international calls through our service.

Easy dialing
International calling should be easy. Instead of entering a lengthy pin or account number for each call you make, simply register your phone number once and the system will automatically recognize your number whenever you make a call and send the call through. Add or remove any number of registered phone numbers at any time at your convenience.

Skip the pin – and the whole number! Our speed dialing option allows you to dial your commonly called contacts at the touch of a button for a truly convenient calling experience. Simply assign a number to a stored contact, and, when asked to dial your destination, enter the speed dial number followed by the pound key (#). India Calling will automatically dial the full number and connect you.

Track everything
Transparency is our goal. That’s why our online account information includes how many minutes were spent on each call and what exactly you are charged per call. Unlike many other calling companies, this allows you to see that we absolutely never charge any hidden fees. These are your records, and we share them because we want you to be confident using India Calling.

Affordable, competitive rates
India Calling is committed to offering low international calling rates – much lower than Sprint, AT&T, Nextel, and many other landline and mobile carriers. See our rates page to compare our prices to our competitors. Remember our rates never include any hidden fees. What you see is what you get. Test out the service (for free!) and see how our service cuts through the competition.

No hidden fees
Did we mention no hidden fees? Maybe we’re a bit of a broken record here, but this is where we separate ourselves from other international calling companies: No connection fee, no monthly fee. You will never get a surprising bill, because we never ever charge hidden fees.

Phone and calling cards that advertise outrageously low per-minute rates are usually stuffed with monthly or hidden fees. If you read their information closely, there’s almost always a connection or maintenance fee that’s not advertised. We’re doing away with all that fine print. Our fee structure is always out in the open. Your bill reflects only the calls you make.

Auto recharge your account
Never worry about your account balance again with our new auto recharge function. Depending on your preference, set your account to recharge whenever your balance gets low. Turn the auto recharge service off just as easily.

Connect while traveling or studying abroad
Take India Calling with you when you travel abroad. Call or text anywhere from more than 25 countries with the same affordable rates. Before you travel, use the online access portal to match your phone number to the international access number of your destination country.

If you’re a student traveling abroad, India Calling is an easy, fast way to call home. Our reliable calling can help foreign exchange students around the world send and receive calls to keep in touch with friends and family.

Get work done – from anywhere
India Calling makes global business calls convenient and cost efficient. Make calls to and from your destination with one service. Easy account tracking allows businesses to keep records of calls and budget accordingly.